Widowed Oak

…creativity tapped


Smitten thus by the maiden, who ensnared

My syllables to her immortal name,

And wounded by Cupid’s own healing blade,

So tortured I wander; is love insane,

That compels the stars in Heavens to bear

Vestiges of impatience, that propels

The long lost vessel in the storm to steer

Destiny towards Light; If all great tales

In love, into a single thread were laced,

In her fair gloves would forever be placed.

Fragrant spring that furnishes trees in blooms

Hued in life, descends on two hearts in love,

Like from the shining skies a silver moon

Reflects deep my Love in her eyes; above

Fireflies tranced by her perfect smile, smiling

Through sentinels ‘gainst this desire, shimmer

To kisses that promises hold, flaming

To extinguish her tears; The lake water,

Rippled seldom by a lost, deviant bloom,

Stirs in its own skies a silver moon.

Over grassy lawns in Autumn…

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