Each of us was born “whole”… Recognizing this is important to our self-preservation in and outside of our relationships, particularly, those that are non-platonic. #youarealreadycomplete!

White Picket Fence Overrated

By Edlyn Mason

January 2015

A teenage girl’s aspiration

Grown woman’s dream

Pheromones and social pressure

Biological clock ticking or whatever

The quest for happily ever after

Packaged in her brand of forever

Young man seeking

To hone his skills on a well-travelled route

His counterpart older, probably wiser

Silky smooth or straight hustler

On the hunt for unpainted canvas, the track less explored

Got to find the one for him

It’s the inexorable dance of nature

Now an offspring or two or none later

Blissfully settled, restless with discontent, or going through the motions

Time elapsed either way

Journey back and examine each chapter

Scroll through the pain as well as the laughter

Good for you who have found your purpose

Others stuck feeling incomplete, but listen

No, not because you danced or didn’t

Just likely focused on the wrong goal

Differently interpreted your role

Perfectly paired or hopelessly mismatched

Doesn’t matter anyway, understand that you are whole

And your lenses will get clearer

Trust me when I tell you that

The white picket fence is overrated


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