In the end, it’s up to you to save yourself…

Déjà Vu

By Edlyn Mason

January 2015

I’ve seen this game

Interacted with the players

Carnal maniac fixated on his own pleasure

The narcissist drunk on arrogance and control

Lustful nomad roaming infatuation after infatuation

I know the rules

Still, like an addict strung out

I get sucked into another black hole

I’ve been here before


Can’t shake the feeling

That sense of foreboding knocking at my door

Red flags everywhere warn of imminent distress

You’d think I’d be more cautious

Instead I’m a sucker for punishment

Ignoring all hints of common sense

No mystery here

I inflict my own suffering best

Déjà vu

Hooked on a pattern of recurring coincidences

Need to step back, review my choices

Rehabilitate my inner consciousness

Chase my virtues, abandon my habit

My last prayer as a recovering romantic


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