Self-reliance…trust your instincts, form your own opinions, make good choices – (

Anthem of Betrayal II

-The Poem-

By Edlyn Mason

February 2015


Like every sacred part of me has been invaded

Doorway to faith slammed shut in my face

Resentment in my throat a bitter taste

I broke my own rules and let you in

Oh dear God, I was not thinking

When I unbuttoned before you my private thoughts

How could I mistake you for a confidante?

Every time you cross my mind

I feel my blood boil and my pulse starts racing

Hadn’t this situation been borderline hilarious

I might have gone berserk, I’m so furious

As in my shortsightedness I became

A hapless pawn in your ludicrous game

Set myself up for your lack of respect

Cheapened my name to a topic on dirty, gossiping lips

Is there anyone, anywhere, anymore, who’s loyal?

Seems as if wherever I turn I hear the anthem of betrayal

It’s almost too mind-boggling to comprehend

Hypocrisy being such a dominant trend

Got to catch up and take heed

Breathe, just breathe

Won’t let my cool falter

Bad as it is, it will eventually get better


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