…those who emotionally abuse others in intimate relationships by using their partner’s feelings for them to hurt and humiliate their partner are often victims of their own insecurities. Understanding and addressing this reality can help promote healing for the abused as well as the abuser. Sadly, this is often easier said than done …

The Player’s Secrets

By Edlyn Mason

February 2015

The consummate strategist

Every move skillfully calculated

Reminiscent of a lion eying its prey

He zones in on his target

Executes the play

She’s a chameleon

True identity secreted in reptilian charm

Creeping in open anonymity

Ephemeral bliss to the unsuspecting conquest

Living impersonation of the ideal fantasy

Velvet-tongued manipulator

Gifted neutralizer of the psyche

His deceptive wit seeks to cloud intuition

Mouth to eager ear and ear to thirsting heart

Words are the charismatic weapon of destruction

Her flirtatious airs

His well oiled conceit

Theirs is a game of intent to conquer by means of misguided lust

A twisted articulation of self-loathing, fear, and obscure uncertainties

Impossible to censure the game without pitying the player


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