Why? The answer lies within you…

Why? Arguably, the subordinate conjunction most frequently found in questions about life’s complexities is ‘why’. We wonder…why me, why this or that, why here or now, why, oh why? The answer, especially in matters of the heart, is often subliminally apparent, and the key to unlocking it is an honest, neutral look at our choices and what motivates them. Repetition is critical. When we repeatedly make the same choice, in spite of previous or potentially adverse outcomes, it suggests an insane logic driven by addiction, desperation, or hope, or more than one or all of those things. The innate selfishness we possess as human beings dictates that we want what we want even if what we want is not necessarily in our best interests. Whether we’re craving the security of a committed relationship, the fulfillment of a lifelong quest, or temporary escape from our personal demons, nothing will change unless we change our pattern of choice. It’s not easy, but it gets easier with every step we take in the right direction. It takes courage to let go of the familiar and do what is right for our self-preservation. We all get knocked down by life’s disappointments, yet most of us get back up, and keep going. Why? No guessing here.

What is within you is stronger than whomever or whatever comes at you. Shake it off, a little bit at a time, and focus. You’ve got you. Think first, think hard, and act with deliberate precision. Now look ahead and claim your next best opportunity. Peace & love!


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